Does two-way Front Street mean more business?


Downtown Wilmington’s Front Street has been open to two-way traffic for weeks now. The traffic has increased but has that generated more sales for downtown business? The reviews are mixed. Front Street has gone through lots of changes over the years. Louise Autry has worked here since 1956. She remembers the seventies, when traffic on front street went both ways. "It was not as busy as it is now, but it was nice," Autry says. She says more people don’t necessarily mean more business. Front Street is two way again, but at Penders Cafe, the cash register isn’t ringing more than before. "To me, it seems about the same, it really does," Autry says. Other Front Street business owners weigh in. "It’s our busy time so business is picking up. But it’s my regulars. I don’t think it has anything to do with the traffic," Kristen Myers, who owns Sambuca, said. What about new businesses on front that haven’t established a regular clientele? Just north on Front, on the same side of the street as Sambuca, Michael Campo owns a business and says two-way traffic has created double the exposure. "There were customers that actually walked in the door that were driving in the other direction now that normally wouldn’t have come down this way and because of that I got more exposure now, they came in, they didn’t know i existed," Michael Campo said.


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