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Click here to read the latest on this story… RALEIGH — Today is the day Brunswick County Sheriff Ron Hewett was scheduled to testify before a federal grand jury in Raleigh, but the sheriff isn't there. Sheriff Hewett will not say why he isn't there — only that he'll be working in Brunswick County the rest of the week. Hewett along with a number of other employees from the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office were issued subpoenas June 7. So far neither state nor federal investigators have said what the subpoenas are in reference to. Sheriff Hewett has also said he does not know what the investigation is all about. Since there hasn't been much clarification about the investigation thus far that's left Brunswick County residents wondering. Brunswick County resident London Gore said, "What is going on? I'd like to know." On June 7 — the same day the subpoenas were issued — state investigators requested documents on 36 people or committees associated with the sheriff. The documents date back to 2000, meaning the county's attorney would have thousands of pages of records to pull up. The assistant county attorney says those documents are not all compiled yet and may not be ready until the federal grand jury meets again in July. A spokesperson for the sheriff's office says a couple of employees are testifying Wednesday and Thursday, others will testify in that July hearing. The US Attorney's Office refuses to comment on whether Sheriff Hewett will be among those employees.


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