Parents of married teen suing school board


BRUNSWICK COUNTY — A Brunswick County coach married his teenage student. Now the parents of the girl have filed a lawsuit.

The Hagers filed a lawsuit Tuesday in Brunswick County against the Brunswick County School Board.

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It’s an eight-page document asking for punitive damages due to negligent supervision by the school board.

This case all stems from the relationship between 40-year-old Brent Wuchae — a track coach at South Brunswick High School — and 16-year-old Windy Hager, one of the girls on his team.

Windy’s parents have said coach Wuchae began pursuing their daughter two years ago. And last month coach Wuchae resigned from Brunswick County schools and married their daughter.

The parents said they repeatedly went to the principal and the school board, asking them to try and stop the relationship.

But the Hagers say the school board didn’t do enough to protect their daughter.

The school board recently made Brent Wuchae’s confidential personnel file public to defend the integrity of the school system and try to prove they did make every effort to stop the relationship.

Superintendent Katie McGee and one of the school board members have issued a statement.