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COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Investigators are one step closer to making another arrest in a deadly shooting in Lake Waccamaw. That shooting happened in late September.

Murder warrants were issued for a second suspect Friday morning, but the suspect has not yet been arrested. Connail Reeves has already been arrested and charged in the murder of 22-year-old Darnell Frink. Frink was gunned down in the parking lot of Sam's Pit Stop after the East Columbus-Whiteville football game.

Investigators will not say who the second suspect is in the case, only that warrants were issued for his arrest this morning.

Investigators say that warrant is not for Santonio Jenrette — the man who was with Reeves when he was arrested. At that time Jenrette fled. He was picked up Thursday night in Gary, IN, on felony drug and gun charges. Investigators will not comment on whether or not Jenrette was involved in Frink's murder.

Jenrette is the cousin of 14-year-old Rashed Delamez Jones, whose body was found Wednesday in a remote area of woods in Hallsboro, in Columbus County. Family members say the night of the Lake Waccamaw shooting, Jones got a ride home from the East Columbus-Whiteville football game with Jenrette. Some say the 14-year-old knew something about, or possibly even witnessed what happened that night, and that is why he was murdered.

Preliminary autopsy results show Jones was shot to death and that his body had been in the woods for about two and a half weeks — the amount of time he was missing.

The Columbus County sheriff is asking for the community's help in solving Jones's murder. Chris Batten submitted a request for a $5,000 reward from the governor this morning to entice someone to come forward. If you know something about Jones's murder call the Columbus County Sheriff's Office at (910) 642-6551. The sheriff says any tips or leads that come in will be taken seriously.


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