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WILMINGTON — Yet again, a star athlete at Hoggard High School is in trouble with the law. For the second time in three months a top running back for the state champs is facing drug charges.

You might remember back in October, Hoggard football star Rashad Williams was arrested on drug charges. Ironically enough, it’s his replacement who is facing charges this time.

Police arrested 16-year-old Shawn Sidbury Saturday, just off Wrightsville Avenue. Investigators say the teen had marijuana and ecstasy on him.

Sidbury replaced Rashad Williams in October as Hoggard’s top running-back and helped lead the team to a state championship title in early December.

The principal of Hoggard high says he doesn’t think the arrests will cast a shadow on the team’s recent accomplishments.

"Mistakes are made, by us all, and we deal with them and move on," Hoggard High School Principal Dave Spencer said. "I don’t think anyone can take away from the accomplishments of those players and coaches."

Spencer says this year the school worked with the district attorney and UNCW to try and teach students about the consequences of substance abuse.

District Attorney Ben David says he spoke with about 800 students at Hoggard earlier this year and addressed the exact issue the two football players were arrested for.

Sidbury has already made his first court appearance; his case has been continued until the January 24. If Sidbury is convicted of felony charges he is ineligible to play football for the rest of high school.

Rashad Williams pled down to misdemeanor charges in November.


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  • jaz

    This is my cousin, and yes he made a bad decision but there are plenty of other kids making bad decisions as i speak. He is not a drug dealer and I know this for a fact, So many poeple are caught up on his life that you all are not giving him a chance to make up for his mistake. We all love and care for shwaan and know that he is deeply sorry for what he did but a mistake is a mistake.let it go.

  • classof03

    I went to High School at Topsail and graduated with shawns older brother, all of the sidbury children think they are above the law and being star athletes they got away with everything growing up. Good to see one is finally getting a real wake up call.

  • Lady J

    How does anyone know his address?

  • Clean it up

    Besides all the other facts already addressed,tell me how a drug dealer(as we all know they don’t have time to sit at home and do homework, study for tests) who lives in Hampstead is making it to class every day. Not only making it to class, but is maintaining the neccesary grade point avg. to remain on the team.

  • Guest12345

    Shawn I can’t believe you could do this. Just what were you thinking? This is from someone who has always believed in you and your brother.

  • Guest Yeah

    Sounds like Mr. Spencer needs to stop glossing over what is going on under his nose, and start taking a hard line here. Whatever it is he has done to date seems not to be working.

  • #44

    Ectasy is a felony. Thant makes homeboy a felon. Bye Bye football career… What is up with these young people destroying their futures over some stupid drugs. A bag of weed is $25.00.. A football contract could be $7,000,000.00… Doesn’t seem like a difficult choice to me…. We all make mistakes when we are young.. But when you have a career like that ahead of you, common sense needs to come into play at some point. They caught him rollin now he hatin..

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    “Mistakes are made, by us all, and we deal with them and move on,” Hoggard High School Principal Dave Spencer said.

    Perhaps if Mister Spencer wasn’t so quick to dismiss drug dealing and drug abuse as everyday, routine mistakes that are no big deal, the students in his charge wouldn’t be so prone to use drugs.

    Until this country gets back to believing that criminal behavior is certainly NOT the norm and is never acceptable under any circumstances, rest assured that young, impressionable minds will believe that anything goes. All will be forgiven. We move on.

    After all, we all make mistakes….right?

    Wrong. When a high-school principal dismisses dealing and posession as everyday mistakes, and a DA’s office is willing to immediately allow a defendent to plead down from felony to misdemeanor, we are sending the clear message that criminal behavior will result in little or no punishment.

    We are reinforcing that message again and again, every time we accept criminal behavior as a normal part of growing up.

  • concern mom

    this kid got in trouble at Topsail. and was moved to Hoggard. His brother still goes to Topsail. I don’t think he should be able to play ball at another school. If he is in trouble at another one.What happen to grades?I think schools should be ask this guestion? Now with him going to that school. Some kid more than likely got bus to New Hanover and lives right at Hoggard because there was no room. I guess this is a OOPS SORRY.Get real

  • Guest28443

    What I want to know is how a student with a Hampstead address ends up playing football for Hoggard anyway? Aren’t there rules against that. He’s not the only one either.

  • Scally Wagg

    A shame but what Rashad Williams was arrested for was worse. He had intent to sell, possession for X and weed is bad but not the end of the world. Hopefully this will be a hard lesson learned for this young man.

  • Guest000

    Hey…… I think you need to go back and attend third grade . You really can’t think people can take you serious , when we can’t even read and understand what you write. I hope you aren’t the “norm” of what high schools are producing.

  • guesty

    You obviously need to start paying much more attention to English class. So he is going Threw a process? You must have also missed the class where they teach when it is proper to use capital letters, punctuation and run-on sentences. Please get an education before you become a burden to society.

  • concern mom

    You have totaly miss the point. We shouldn’t just SHUT UP. that is the problem. A wrong is a wrong. I wonder how would you feel if this was the same pills he had on him. If he gave them to your daughther (if you have one). That is what is wrong. This OOPS Sorry didn’t mean to. Has to stop. I sure this kid will get up from this and hope leason is learn. but you have to be held accountable. If more teachers and couches and schools,parents would make sure the grades are there then they play ball. It would make a big difference. it is the $ first then the talent. It should be the grades then fun. that is how real life works.

  • Temiesha

    Well Yes What He Did Was Wrong But We Are People
    And People Make Mistakes And They Go Threw a Process And They Learn From It And If They Don’t Then Shame On Them So Get Off They Back and Chill Out. I attend Hoggard Highschool And I Know Both Of The Star Players Who Messed Up But Shad Got Up And Shawn Will Too. And Besides Yall Not Leaving No Name Or Number On The Website Cause Half Of Yall who Are Leaving Comments Don’t Know What You are Talking About. So Shut Up

  • Guest987

    it was in the starnews online

  • High School Recruiting

    The fact that a Hampstead resident is playing football at Hoggard H.S. has unfortunately been well known to many in the local football community. Coaches and officials have “looked the other way” for far too long in the interest of winning. Could it be this poor example of rationalizing a white lie is what leads to the erosion of a young person’s morals?

    If you check on Shawn Sidbury’s address, you will find that he can stand in his yard and throw a rock (or football) and have it land on Topsail H.S. property.

    What’s unfortunate, is that it’s taken a controversy such as a drug arrest to expose the serious issue of high school recruiting and the practices at Hoggard High School. Also, where was #75 on Hoggard’s starting offense playing prior to showing up at Hoggard?… Topsail.

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