WPD adds civilian traffic investigators


WILMINGTON — The Wilmington Police Department added two new members to its team. They may ride around in cars with flashing lights and sirens, but they don’t have the same authority as other officers.

The two new employees are civilian traffic investigators and their main job is to investigate and respond to traffic accidents.

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Stanley Pollock and Robert Layman were hired in October and spent five months in training. The men are not certified law enforcement officers and are not issued a weapon, but can call for back up if there are any injuries, if a ticket needs to be written, or if someone is not cooperating.

The purpose of the team is to cut down on the amount of time officers spend on minor traffic accidents, which Chief Evangelous says the city averages about four thousand of each year.

Evangelous said, “We have a lot of fender bender, property damage type accidents here that our officers don’t need to be tied up on when he could be doing other enforcement activities.”

Both Pollock and Layman were former law enforcement officers. Layman was a New York police officer and Pollock was an officer in the Caribbean.

The funding for their salaries was approved last year.

Fayetteville also uses civilian traffic investigators.

Evangelous says that city has fared well since the program began in 2006.