SBI investigating WPD officer shooting


WILMINGTON — A Wilmington police officer who shot a man last night is under investigation by the State Bureau of Investigation.

The shooting happened last night around eight-thirty at a business suspected of running an illegal video poker gambling house.

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The police department’s Special Enforcement Response Team executed the search warrant at Two Trees Pools and Spas.

Investigators say the business was fronted as a spa and pool supply store but was really an illegal gambling parlor.

According to the warrant the SERT team was needed because the police had information that the owner of the business, William Inman was armed and has violent tendencies. He had also reportedly threatened a police officer in the past.

Police will not say what actually lead to Inman being shot. The search warrant indicates Inman pulled a firearm out of a desk drawer when officers were trying to search the business.

Today some of his family members were cleaning out the furniture of the alleged gambling house.

Inman was taken to New Hanover Regional Medical Center. No word on where or how many times he was shot, but officers say his injuries are not life threatening.

The officer who shot him, Andrew Lazzaro, is on paid leave while the SBI tries to figure out what happened.

According to the search warrant nearby business owners had complained about some of the things going on at Two Trees Pools and Spa’s. They said there were people going in and out of the business constantly and at all hours of the night.

Also that each time someone would go to the door, they would have to knock, then be let into the business. And on some occasions, the owner, William Inman, would serve as a bouncer, and that he would have a gun tucked into his waistband.

The search warrant says officers found four video poker machines — which are illegal in North Carolina — and about $4,700 in cash.