Officer won’t be charged in shooting


WILMINGTON — A Wilmington Police officer who shot a man during an illegal video poker gambling raid last week will not face charges.

District Attorney Ben David says Officer Andrew Lazzaro was justified in using his gun in self-defense. David says the only person who committed criminal activity during the incident was Joseph Inman, the man who was shot.

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Inman is charged with operating a video gaming machine, among other charges.

David says Officer Lazzaro used his training properly after Inman displayed a loaded weapon.

“The law says you can use deadly force if deadly force is threatened against you, and with respect to the procedure, 100 times out of 100 times we will employ the SBI to come in to conduct a thorough outside review to ensure all procedures were appropriately followed. And here I find that they were,” David said.

David says there may be video evidence available at some point.

Officer Lazzaro is on paid leave, but now has the OK to return to work.

Inman remains in custody under $205,000 bond.