Witnesses not cooperating with investigators


WILMINGTON — Since January police in Wilmington have investigated four murders. Out of the four three are still unsolved.

One of the biggest problems in solving these cases is that people aren’t coming forward with information.

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Police say this is going on all over the country: people who witness a crime or are a victim often don’t cooperate with investigators.

Law enforcement officials want to send a message to the community to stop the silence and help end the violence.

The “blue ribbon” committee has been formed to work on combating the issue. To try and encourage people, especially the young, to come forward with information on crimes, Wilmington police are working on a system so witnesses can anonymously text information to law enforcement officers.

WPD Chief Ralph Evangelous said, “It’s really frustrating for us because we want to get these bad guys off the street just like everyone else, because what’s going to happen is some innocent person is going to be shot or killed.”

Chief Evangelous says other cities have also had success through rap videos that send a message that coming forward with information is not snitching, it’s helping the community.

Police say some of the reasons people don’t come forward is the fear of getting hurt or being considered a snitch by their peers.

For one woman whose son was murdered almost a year ago the lack of information is causing personal pain.

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