Bradshaw murder suspects arrested


There is new information tonight on the people suspected in the murder of Brunswick County Realtor Adam Bradshaw. Investigators say Bradshaw was shot and killed April 26. His body was found three days later, off Watts Road near Ocean Isle Beach.

Craig Bryant and Lora Moultrie were arrested Thursday night for the April 26 murder. Bryant was picked up in New Hanover County. Investigators say he is a truck driving student at Cape Fear Community College. Moultrie was found at Bryant’s parent’s home in Supply. She is in the health care industry.

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Even though Shannon Bradshaw has lost her husband, she says it’s her son who will suffer the most.

"All the things my husband talked about doing with his son he won’t be able to do, because someone took his life," said Mrs. Bradshaw.

If given the opportunity, Shannon would tell those responsible for her husband’s death exactly what they’ve done.

"I would say, not only did you take someone’s life, you hurt a lot of people that loved Adam Bradshaw, but worst of all you took a father away from his son and my son will grow up without his father," she said.

The arrests are a small relief for Shannon, but not enough to ease the pain.

"I miss him so much. I wish he were alive I wish he could come home now," she said.

Investigators say this was not a random act and that Bryant and Bradshaw knew each other.

The investigation into Bradshaw’s death is still ongoing. Sheriff’s deputies say there may be others involved.

"This person does not deserve to be walking around free. In my opinion they don’t deserve to be alive but that’s up to the courts to decide," said Mrs. Bradshaw.