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Now that we have our two presumptive presidential candidates, we can turn our focus to the changes the voters – and the candidates – want to see.

Both Barack Obama and John McCain promise that things will be different under their administration.

WWAY spoke with a man who is a farmer, a business owner, and a family man. The number one issue concerning him is the economy.

“First and foremost I am a father, a husband and a family man,” said Lewis Farms owner Calvin Lewis. “Secondly I am a farmer producing goods and services to provide for my family.”

Lewis owns the two Lewis Nursery and Farms retail locations in Wilmington. He also owns 500 acres of farm land and a shipping operation.

“We want minimal taxes so we can continue to grow and provide for our labor and resources and investment into our business,” said Lewis

Financial expert Ross Marino said the candidates have different views on how to deal with the economy.

“With the Democrats you see an increase in the capital gains coming up,” said Marino. “Barack Obama has mentioned a 30 percent tax increase rate.”

“What we’ve heard from the Republicans for the most part is a continuation of the current tax cuts that have been enacted recently,” said Lewis.

Lewis is also concerned about immigration reform. It is an issue in which Obama and McCain have similar views.

“What we’re seeing the candidates talk about are ways to help the illegal immigrants become legal,” said Marino.

Another topic on many Americans minds is the price of gas.

“We’re shipping blueberries to New York City and it’s costing $2,500 a load and 5 years ago it cost $1,500 a load,” said Lewis.

“From John McCain we’ve seen a proposal to suspend the gas tax, while that will put a few dollars back into people’s pockets it really doesn’t fix anything long term,” said Marino.

Both candidates say they want higher fuel efficiency standards for automobiles.

All these issues will determine who Lewis votes for, and how well he can provide for his family.

“They are dependent upon everyday decisions that I make and one of them is voting and that has a direct connection with me being able to provide for them,” said Lewis.

Lewis said he votes in every election, and he believes voting is the duty of every American citizen.


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