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Some experts say sand re-nourishment may not be the solution to beach erosion on North Topsail Island. A group of residents have formed a commission to study erosion. Last night the group heard a sand re-nourishment proposal from Coastal Planning and Engineering. The plan calls for five phases of sand re-nourishment and costs $30,000,000. Today, the commission heard from geologist Stanley Riggs from Eastern Carolina University. Riggs said sand re-nourishment is only a temporary solution and probably not the best plan. "If we were to go into a really intense summer storm sequence, then everybody’s going to have trouble," said Riggs. Riggs says the area only has enough sand to re-nourish beaches for the next few years. Erosion study team chair Ed Doherty said even if the town took on the project, it would have a hard time paying for it.


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