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The house overwhelmingly passed the bill earlier this month, but it’s been stuck in the senate rules committee ever since because of a technicality. Dozens of Senators signed a petition to get the bill out of committee and heard before the full senate. But, the petition fell 9 signatures short of the 34 needed to get the bill out of committee. Locally, Senator Julia Boseman signed the petition and supports the moratorium. Senator R.C. Soles told NewsChannel 3 he would not sign a petition. He said while forced annexation is highly controversial, he is not ready to formally oppose it at this point in time. All of the Senators who opted not to sign the petition are Democrats. The following Senators either will not agree to allow HB 2367 or will not state their opinion: The following list was compiled by the Fair Annexation Coalition of North Carolina. Bob Atwater, Marc Basnight, Doug Berger, Daniel G. Clodfelter, Janet Cowell, Charlie Smith Dannelly, Linda Garrou, Malcolm Graham, Clark Jenkins, John H. Kerr III, Eleanor Kinnaird, Floyd B. McKissick Jr, Martin L. Nesbitt, Jr., William R. Purcell, Tony Rand, R. C. Soles, Jr. Another group of Senators agreed to ask Senator Rand to consider the bill on the Senate floor, or agree that the bill is a legitamate bill, but for various reasons, have refused to sign a request form petitioning Senator Rand for the bill to be heard: Charles W. Albertson, Tony Foriest, Steve Goss, Vernon Malone, Joe Sam Queen, John Snow, A.B. Swindell, David F. Weinstein The Following Senators have requested, in writing, that the bill be heard on the full Senate floor before this short session ends: Ausin M. Allran, Tom Apodaca, Phil Berger, Stan Bingham, Harris Blake, Julia Boseman, Andrew Brock, Harry Brown, Pete Brunstetter, Walter Dalton, Don East, James Forrester, W. Edward Goodall, Kay Hagan, Fletcher Hartsell, David Hoyle, Neal Hunt, Jim Jacumin, Ed Jones, Bob Rucho, Jean Preston, Larry Shaw, Fred Smith, Richard Stevens, Jerry Tillman.


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