Boseman not held in contempt


She would love nothing more than for this story to go away, but the ongoing custody battle between state Senator Julia Boseman, and her ex, Melissa Jarrell continues to make headlines. Boseman became the topic of a radio talk show again today regarding a recent court appearance for violating her custody agreement. WWAY checked on the status of that case and learned that while Jarrell had filed a motion to hold the Senator in contempt for violating their agreement, the motion was denied. Boseman’s attorney Jim Lea said, "There was an honest disagreement about what the clause in the consent order said, and when that was brought to our attention, Julia corrected her actions, she was perfectly honest in court, and there was no reason to hold her in contempt of court." Ms. Boseman was supposed to get permission from Ms. Jarrell before hiring a babysitter to care for their son, which she failed to do. It turns out Ms. Jarrell had hired private investigator Marc Benson to follow Ms. Boseman around in Raleigh, and take video of her violating the terms of their custody agreement.