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The troubles continue for state Senator R.C. Soles. Mr. Soles has a law practice in the Columbus County town of Tabor City, and has recently had a number of run-ins with clients and ex-clients. Since our first report aired last Thursday, Mr. Soles has pepper sprayed a client who showed up at his house. The client, Stacey Scott, walked to the Tabor City Emergency Services Building for help. Police say another client of Mr. Soles, 16-year-old Allen Strickland, trespassed on the Senator’s property on two separate occasions over the last few weeks, and stole a light fixture. Police say Strickland learned Soles was considering pressing charges and threatened to call NewsChannel 3, the FBI, and Bettie Fennell, who is Soles’ political challenger, with damaging information regarding Soles. He threatened to ruin Soles’ political career and said he would see him in prison. In response to that call, police arrested Strickland on charges of extortion. They also arrested another client of R.C. Soles, Ervin Jordan, who they say worked as an accomplice with Allen Strickland to steal the Senator’s light fixture. In a press release issued today, Mr. Soles said some of his clients have fallen on hard times, and were venting their frustrations on him. Senator Soles said he did what was necessary to protect his property.


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  • John

    R.C. Soles Anti 2nd Amendment belief has just exposed him for the hypocrite he really is. He like many other Anti 2nd Amendment washington politicians are elitists believing they are better than the rest of us and as elected officials have the power / right to force dos and don’ts on the rest of Americans which they themselves are unwilling to abide by. Shame on any American who would continually vote in to office a politician that opposes any freedom provided all Americans in our Constitution & Bill of Rights.

    It is time for Americans to wake up & take a stand against the federal governments, republican or democrats, continued efforts to legislate away Americans God given rights. I for one don’t want or need an elitist group many having committed crimes to tell me which light bulb to use, take my tax dollars for distribution to those unwilling to work, forced health care, refuse exploration of oil from our own reserves, or tell me I have no right to possess firearms to name a few.

    It is time for politicians like Soles to be removed from office never to return.

  • GJim Schwalbe

    What an arrogant piece of trash. He thinks because he defends trash that he is justified in having a gun for protection, but we as ordinary citizens do not have the same right. Get rid of this dirtbag NC.

  • Michael logan

    Anybody taking bets that this Senator also believes that he is entitled to a far superior level of health care (along with his D.C. cronies)than that which he is pressing for you and me?

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