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Rep. Mike McIntyre’s wife, Dee, surprised her husband by showing up at a Pender County school Tuesday to see him before he heads back to Washington for more debate on an economic bailout. Monday’s surprise came when McIntyre was among 95 Democrats who joined 133 Republicans to vote down the $700 billion plan.

While visiting Cape Fear Elementary in Rocky Point McIntyre said he voted against the bailout because it did not adequately protect taxpayers. He also told NewsChannel 3 Democratic leaders never took a whip count of their members to see if they had enough votes to support the bill. He said any new plan must have support from both parties.

"We saw in the vote that occurred on the House floor that there was not that kind of bi-partisan cooperation that was previously thought," McIntyre said. "And I think… you’re gonna have to have a package that people feel like protects the homeowner in a practical way."

McIntyre said it looks like the House will reconvene Thursday to discuss new options. He hopes they will include oversight to make sure investors are accountable to the government and taxpayers, as well as assurances companies bailed out will pay the government back. McIntyre said this time around, House leaders will like take a count of support before any vote.

"There were some assumptions made last time," McIntyre said, "but there were no definite counts made on how many votes were going to be for or against and ended up being a surprise on the floor for both parties."


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