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Bev Perdue will not debate her opponents in southeastern North Carolina, but she promises to come back if she's elected governor.

The Democrat spoke to supporters Thursday morning at Whitey's Restaurant in Wilmington, but she will not stay in town to take part in a forum WWAY is co-sponsoring Friday night. Perdue said the five debates she did in other parts of the state are enough. If you missed those, she said you can watch all five hours of debates online.

WWAY's Kevin Wuzzardo asked Perdue, "What about people who don't have access to the Internet, and don't have access to high-speed internet in rural communities?"

Perdue replied, "Every library in the state has high-speed internet access, and if that's a problem, there's always somebody, somewhere that they can use the Internet."

Perdue said if elected, she will hold the first of her planned town hall meetings in New Hanover County in mid-January.

During the primary season, Perdue also skipped a debate here in Wilmington. She blamed that on a scheduling conflict, even though she was in town that night and the day after.


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  • Guest from J’ville

    While at a banquet hosted by a Veterans Organization I listened to Bev talk about how much she has done for our veterans. Yes she lived in New Bern NC, “Home of MCAS Cherry Point” and then she thanked all the “Soldiers” at Camp Lejeune for all they have done for their country.
    Why be surprised that she doesn’t want to come back, she’s not even sure she knows where it is!

  • PoliGuest

    If the national government is controlled by the Democrats, and, of course, NC is Democrat controlled, how many Democrats can the taxpayers carry? It will be interesting to see how much tax burden taxpayers can carry, and more importantly, when will they tire of doing so?
    As far as Perdue is concerned, why bother with “less important” southeastern NC, with the Democrats so in control of the state. Confidence can be read as arrogance. We need checks and balances in our state government, enough total Democrat control in NC.
    If Perdue is elected, I will miss her town hall meeting in NHC.

  • Guest987

    I just think she is the lessor of two evils.
    I’d rather elect Buddy the Farmer than these two jabronies

  • Guestly

    She refuses to debate McCrory but yet says she’ll visit us if she wins the governor’s race. What a ridiculous comment. What she is really saying is that “I don’t want to leave my posh Lt. Gov mansion for a debate in which I will obviously lose”. She doesn’t care about the folks of NC any more that Easley does. They know that the Democrats have a choke hold on the NC governor’s office and the legislature. Talk about needing a change. It’s fine to vote for Obama because changing from Republican to Democrat on the national level is not a bad deal, but if you do, vote Republican in the NC state races, because a change in state government is badly needed.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    We need to break the death grip the corrupt good’ol boy Democrats have in Raleigh, of which she is immersed up to her eyeballs. She needs to go, Rand most assuredly needs to go, Soles needs to go….

    We need a state Senate that listens to the people, not the sound of the thirty pieces of silver jingling in their pockets.

  • Straight Shooter

    Yes, she did take her lies to the people. She is the same old politics we need to get rid of.

  • Straight Shooter

    Was it Curtis Wright of the Big Talker by some chance and were did you get your information?

  • Guest Yeah

    Informed, she didn’t show, because she can’t handle the format, period. And I personally will not vote for her because of it. Ducking out of a debate jipped the constituency, not the person hosting it.

  • Du

    “She, instead, took her case to the people and has been available, accessible, and is the people’s candidate.”…oh yeah…if we vote for her, she promises to show up…nice way to be accessible.

  • Guest7969

    “homophobic racist with domestic violence issues” I assume you have proof to back up those accusations….wouldn’t want you to be drawn up in a libel suit

  • There is nothing for us now, with The Democratic Socialist Party in charge of the State, except for the crumbs they toss us.

  • colsanders

    Of course she can’t debate, she’s a chicken!! (Get it, Perdue Chicken????) Oh yea, she’s as smart as chicken, too (a cooked one). Why did Bev cross the road? To run from the debate…..this is too easy….

  • nokidding

    I am not trying to be funny, but she almost acts socially retarded. Everytime someone asks her a question, she looks like she just got hit in the face with a shovel. DUHHHHHHHH. Really, I think she has a serious mental health problem. If there’s one thing we don’t need, its another LOSER like Easley. He has been 100% worthless, but at least he didn’t twitch and look cock-eyed when someone asked him a question. He just told a lie. But Bev is messed up….bless her heart.

  • informed

    The best lt. Governor we have had in decades, an even better senator, and she will be the best governor! It is time!

    However, her not attending a debate held by a homophobic racist with domestic violence issues, foreclosures and liens who has used the tax payers to bail him out of his own personal debts but rails against othres, who has spent many days running partisan attacks against her and other decent north carolinians who represent us well is neither unwise nor misrepresentative.

    She, instead, took her case to the people and has been available, accessible, and is the people’s candidate.

    McCrory is the worst thing that could happen to this state, just like he was the worst thing to happen to the city of charlotte..and beleive you me, there will be nothing for us here if he is in Raleigh…Think people..think!

  • Mama’s View

    I have never crossed my party’s lines, but I may have to make an exception in this case. Although, I haven’t paid much attention to the governor’s race since Richard Moore didn’t win the primaries, I cannot believe her adamant position and disregard for the folks in this area. While I’ve always been envious of those who can remain honest at all times and speak from their heart, her excuse is completely unexcusable. Most politicians welcome the opportunity to hear and address questions regarding issues that the citizens they represent are facing, especially during this time of economic hardship. She on the other hand tells you directly to your face that she will only listen to you after you’ve voted for her. What type of nonsense is that?

  • Straight Shooter

    I don’t see how she has the support she has. I guess there are quite a few dit-wits around. Maybe she chickens out from too much Perdue chicken………

  • Guesttarheels125

    This should be no surprise. This has been the history for the Democrat Party this election cycle. Senator McCain challenged Senator Obama to “town hall” debates all over the country thru this entire election. He has repeatedly refused to debate at town hall meetings. Senator Obama would only debate when he had the liberal news media to cover his butt. Bev Perdue is only following his example. What COWARDS! If they didn’t have the liberal news covering their back, they wouldn’t debate. This only proves to me, they only have THEIR political agenda on their minds, not what the people care about. IT’S ALL ABOUT THEM AND THEIR PARTY! Did Julia Boseman ever debate?

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