Brunswick County Commissioner interviews


This election is not just about who will be the next president. It is also about who will lead here at the local level. In Brunswick County, four of the five county commission seats are up for grabs. We asked the candidates what they see as the biggest issue for voters.

Marion Davis, Democrat District 2 Candidate: "The price of the property in Brunswick County is way overpriced, because I have neighbors that sold their house, and they had to sell it for $2-300,000 less than what the county had it evaluated at."

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Marty Cooke, Republican District 2 Candidate: "The biggest issue that’s facing Brunswick County right now, in my opinion, is public interaction with government. I think if people back home will participate in what’s going on with government, we’ll have better government."

May Moore, Democrat District 3 Candidate: "It used to be growth, but at the present time, with the financial crisis, it’s the combination of the financial crisis and dealing with the needs that have resulted from our growth."

Charles Warren, Republican District 3 Candidate: "Roads is a major issues, and in order for us to address it, the County Commission doesn’t address roads, but I would deal with the county legislators to try to get them to work with the DOT to get some funding so that we can take care of the congestion that we have throughout the county."

Tom Rabon, Democrat District 4 Candidate: "Roads is the most important. The only thing that we can do as commissioners is to continue doing what we’ve been doing, and that’s lobby the DOT and the legislature."

Scott Phillips, Republican District 4 Candidate: "As commissioner I want to be involved with out state legislators, our DOT and to help them understand more of the problems we have in Brunswick County, because I feel like right now they might not have a good hold on exactly what we’re facing at some of our high-trafficked areas and intersections throughout the county."

Randy Rhodes, Democrat District 5 Candidate: "Obviously roads are a concern in Brunswick County with the growth that’s going on. Infrastructure, water and sewer. There’s a lot of money in the budget for water and sever. That’s progressing. But also with the current economic conditions, the tax structure in the county."

Bill Sue, Republican District 5 Candidate: "the biggest issue we have is to get more and better roads. And I plan on addressing that through our state legislators and through Raleigh." Thursday, we’ll hear how the commission candidates say they will deal with Brunswick County’s rapid growth.