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As Election Day nears, there are many issues that will likely be considered before choosing a candidate. Among the most pressing needs in Brunswick County is growth. Brunswick is the fastest growing county in the state, and in the top 20 in the nation. We asked each candidate for county commission how he or she will handle growth. Marion Davis/ Democrat District 2 Candidate: "We need to put the infrastructure in that will enable us to maintain good economical growth that is safe for the environment in the county, because this county our biggest resource is our water and our beaches and tourism." Marty Cooke/ Republican District 2 Candidate: "One thing a County Commissioner must do constantly is do their homework. They must constantly be out on the road seeing people, talking with the leaders, talking with the public and finding out what’s going on, finding out what the issues are and be able to address those." May Moore/ Democrat District 3 Candidate: "The pattern we’ve set is for water and sewer to be enterprised so they pay for themselves. We have the ad valorem tax paying for schools, parks. And then the things we need to do with stormwater management and planning, we’ve adopted new zoning." Charles Warren/ Republican District 3 Candidate: "I will not raise taxes on the people that we have at present, and I will have to work with county and the engineers and the utility people to basically come up with a plan that we can really safely increase growth." Tom Rabon/ Democrat District 4 Candidate: "As far as the roads concerned… We’ll have to continue to lobby the legislature, and that’s all we can do. Now we’ll have infrastructure needs that we’ll have to meet. Of course that’ll come from tax sources." Scott Phillips/ Republican District 4 Candidate: "I want to have a positive impact on the way this county grows, so that we can bring good jobs, good education for our children. Bring good jobs into the county to provide them a place that they can have a good paying job." Randy Rhodes/ Democrat District 5 Candidate: "There are five small towns in the 5th District. One of the things I’ve committed to do is to go to the mayor of each of the five small town at least once a quarter, sit down with them, I’ll go to their office, they don’t have to come to me, sit down with them, talk to them about what projects they have going on, what issues they have since the last time we spoke and what, if anything, the county can do to help." Bill Sue/ Republican District 5 Candidate: "the county has a unified development ordinance that we created and put into effect, and it took us about three years to do it. It’s based entirely on densities, and at the same time we provided the infrastructure, water and sewage, that we control. And during this whole period, we have still the fifth lowest tax rates in the whole state." Friday, the focus moves north to New Hanover and Pender County, and the race for 18th house district seat between Sandra Spaulding-Hughes and George Swart.


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