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Bettie Fennell led the race for much of Tuesday night, but it quickly turned disappointing for her. Fennell found out late Tuesday night that she lost the North Carolina State Senate race against long time R.C. Soles. She said she is proud that she only lost by 3500 votes, which considering her campaign was built from the ground up, it was a success for her. She said the campaign was a long road, but she was happy to be a part of it. "We think there are a lot of new people who have moved into this district that do not know Senator Soles. We think that if they knew more about him, the numbers might be different," said Fennell. This race was a close one for both Fennell and Soles. Before the early voting results were reported in Columbus County, Fennell was ahead. Once those votes were counted though, it was matter of a little over 3,000 votes holding her back from the Seat as the new N.C. State Senator. Fennell said, "As long as he is in office, and there continues to be corruption in Raleigh, you can bet I’m going to have something to say about it.” On election night, Bettie Fennell was surrounded by family, friends and supporters at a local home in Hampstead. After they heard the news, everyone filed out, but she said she was happy and proud of the way the campaign was run. Depending on who runs for State Senate next term, Fennell said North Carolinians may see her name on the ticket again.


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