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The State Attorney General’s Office is cracking down on a company called Peak Fitness, after getting 300 complaints about it in the last year. Peak used to have a gym in Wilmington, and is supposed to have a Leland location opening soon. Peak Fitness calls itself the fastest growing fitness chain in the Southeast, but it doesn’t seem to be growing much in this area. After reporting the plans for a Peak Fitness to open in Leland last week, we received a number of comments on our website, including: “It’s interesting you have a photo of the Leland office shown. That location was supposed to open over four months ago. They started taking membership applications six months ago. I called a few weeks ago to check when they were going to open, and they said ‘sometime in 2009.’ " Leland’s Peak Fitness looks anything but in tip top shape. The building is vacant, signs are strewn on the ground, and there is upside down couch on the lot. Leland’s town manager said Peak doesn’t have an occupancy permit for the location of the would-be gym. The Attorney General’s Office now prohibits Peak Fitness from selling memberships to clubs more than 180 days from opening. Peak’s website says the Leland gym is now in pre-sale, but there’s nothing indicating anything is happening anytime soon.


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