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It is a story about a Wilmington feline that’s been nestled in a tree for four days and three nights. One neighborhood banded together to help it out.

Sandy Powell has been worried sick over a cat that continues to hold on for dear life 70 feet above the ground. No one in Sandy’s Bradley Creek neighborhood knows who the cat belongs to. She has tried everything can she think of to get the cat down; the Wilmington Fire Dept, animal control, Facebook – all to no avail. On day #4, Sunday afternoon, help finally arrived.

Through Craig’s list Sandy found Josh MacIvor-Andersen. "The plan is to get the cat down. I don’t trust ladders so much, so I’m much more comfortable with these ropes,” said MacIvor-Andersen.

“The design is for the cat to want get down from this tree so badly that he’ll go right into the cat carrier and be happy once it’s on the ground.“

"I’m very nervous, I just hope and pray that everything goes well and the cat gets in the carrier so we can take care of her,” said Powell. “She needs food, water, and we need to find out who she belongs to."

MacIvor-Andersen was able to get the cat out of the tree and safely into the carrier. "It’s a homecoming,” described Powell. “It’s not even my cat and I’m so happy the cat is out of the tree." The cat was wearing tags and they were able to track down the owner. Within minutes Señor Tango, a year old cat from Argentina, was reacquainted with his owner Tony Drewett. He said it was not the first time the cat’s been up a tree, and it probably won’t be the last.


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