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Senator Richard Burr took a bit of a jab at President Barack Obama Friday night. Burr said he does not need a teleprompter to speak as he travels from city to city, unlike the president. Nor did Burr need one to talk about an economic turnaround in southeastern North Carolina. "You can begin to see growth in this community, you see life, you see tourism back,” said Senator Burr. “It’s just a matter of time before this economy turns around and we see pricing stabilized and we forget about the economic downtime and we look forward to the opportunities." There also was the comment the senator made to his wife about taking money out of ATM’s during the bank crisis last fall. It is a comment that has put Burr in some hot water. "Nationally, I’m not surprised, but the truth is I was trying to convey to people my frame of mind in the early days of the crisis,” he said. “It was not an attempt to run on a bank. You can’t do that on an ATM machine. The point was I was concerned enough about the architecture that even personally I wanted to do something. I’ve got a responsibility to do it as a profession, but personally I wanted to look after my family if that meant getting $500 at home, then I thought that was important. " Burr thanked his Wilmington audience in advance. He intends to be re-elected in 2010. Senator Burr said he has been heckled a lot, but anticipates the commotion will die down over the next few days.


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