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Willamina, or Willy for short, is a Kemp's ridley sea turtle that's stirred up plenty of worldwide attention because she's the first turtle to own two passports. Back in 2007, Willy was found in bad shape after she washed up on the shores of Woolancombe Bay off the southwest coast of England. "We didn't giver her a lot of chance. When she first washed up we couldn't even tell what species she was because her shell was in such bad condition,” said Claire Little of the UK Sea Life Sanctuary. After nursing this endangered species turtle back to health, the second piece of this marine miracle would be getting Willy back home in her native waters. That's where the Topsail Sea Turtle Hospital comes in. Willy was packed up and flown more than 16 hours overseas from the UK to Raleigh as a VIT… a very important turtle. Willy's journey is so rare, it's getting international coverage. A crew from the BBC is filming her trip for a documentary. "We are just really excited about this opportunity to get Willy back home in her native waters with the foods she knows to eat,” said Topsail Sea Turtle Hospital Director Jean Beasley. The turtle hospital plans to release Willy in June when the water temperature is just right.


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