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According to the Brunswick County Tax Department, luxury home developer Mark Saunders is behind on his property taxes, to the tune of $1.3 million. Mr. Saunders’ office said that they hope to have this issue resolved soon. A Brunswick Beacon article listed a number of elected officials in Brunswick County who are also behind on their taxes. First on that list is County Commissioner Marty Cooke and his wife, Catherine, who is on the Board of Education. They owed more than $1,600 on two pieces of property in the county, but paid their bill yesterday, right after the article came out. Southport Alderman James Brown owes $4,600 in taxes. Navassa Mayor Eulis Willis owes $466. Two of his commissioners also have unpaid balances. Milton Burns owes $336 while Melvin Walker owes $889 in back taxes. Varnamtown Alderman John David Dawson owes over $1,600, and Bolivia Alderman Warren Knox owes $760. One update, Oak Island Mayor Johnie Vereen, who we’ve previously reported was delinquent on his taxes, has since paid his tax bill.


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