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When Bonner Stiller resigned his House seat earlier this month it left a hole in Raleigh. Tuesday night, members of the Brunswick County Republican Executive Committee met to elect Stiller’s replacement. The Brunswick County Republican Party had two options to replace Bonner Stiller: Frank Iler, the 7th District Chair for the Republican Party, or Shirley Babson, Chair of the Brunswick County School Board. Members of the executive committee determined Stiller’s replacement by secret ballot. By a vote of 25 to 10, Frank Iler emerged the winner. "It’s very rewarding,” said Iler. “I had about that many people that committed to me and I didn’t know it was going to turn out exactly that way, but it turns out they were telling the truth and I feel good about that." The state legislature is still in session. Iler will be sworn in Wednesday afternoon in Raleigh. That is less than 24 hours after earning the seat. His term will expire in 2010.


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