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New Hanover County School Board members once again have redistricting on the mind. Tuesday night, the board heard a presentation about redistricting the county’s middle school students for the 2010-2011 school year. Holly Shelter Middle School is being built in the northern part of the county, and about 2,400 students will have to be moved around. Two options are currently on the table, but the Board asked the Redistricting Committee to come up with another, that better spreads out students on free and reduced lunch. "Any time you redistrict you have to have a plan as to neighborhood schools or not so my concept has always been I’m a strong supporter of neighborhood schools and I’m hoping that’s what the board has done this time,” said Don Hayes of the NHC School Board. Hayes says when they when through the redistricting process for elementary schools earlier this year, they learned parents overwhelmingly want their kids to go to school near home.


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