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Hundreds of students in New Hanover County will have to find another way home other than the bus next year. Budget cuts are making the going rough when it comes to some transportation options for students. Victoria Singletary encourages her kids to get involved in extracurricular activities from tennis to extra tutoring after school. She appreciated the option of using the after school bus system to get them home, but next year that option will be off the road. "I’m very disappointed, I’m very upset because now it doesn’t give me an option now I have to be there and it’s going to take away some of the things that I can’t get to that they want to do,” Singletary said. The after school bus program is just the beginning when it comes to transportation budget cuts for New Hanover County schools. The transportation budget is being reduced by more than $800,000. Early college high school students will now have to ride their district buses and be shuttled to their early colleges. Buses will no longer be provided for students who attend Virgo or Williston middle schools, and New Hanover High School under the open enrollment program. Buses will also no longer be provided for all after school athletic and remediation programs like tutoring and clubs. In New Hanover County, more than 600 students from elementary to high school, hop on the after school bus every day. "We’ve been able to come alongside the parent and help them out, as a parent that is going to hurt and I can understand how other parents my feel, but unfortunately given the economic climate today we can’t afford it,” said Elizabeth Redenbaugh of the school board. New Hanover County schools will still provide busing for athletic competitions and school field trips. School officials are hoping parents will go the extra mile to keep their kids involved.


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