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It is a gruesome crime scene and detectives are working hard to put the pieces together. Well it is not a real crime scene, and they are real not detectives, but Brunswick County residents are putting to use what they are learning at the sheriff’s Citizens Academy. Graduates of the program helped simulate a crime scene for the students to investigate. "I have never really known that much about the Sheriff’s Department," Citizen’s Academy graduate Diane Mesaris said, "and I just thought this would be an excellent opportunity to find out exactly what it is that they do." The 18 students attend class once a week for 11 weeks. Each class focuses on a different division of the sheriff’s office. Monday night, it was all about the Patrol Division. "We want them to walk away from the sheriff’s office without having a question about the sheriff’s office. Everything we do – dispel some myths," said Sergeant Clint Simpson. The mock crime scene gave them a chance to get hands on and understand what goes into responding to a call. Citizens Academy student William McManus said, "It just gives you a better understanding of the county and how it works, especially the sheriff’s department." The Citizens Academy can also lead to opportunities once the students have graduated. Come graduation in September, these folks will be armed with the useful and helpful information about the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office. The Citizens Academy is free for Brunswick County residents who pass a background check. You can find more information at http://www.brunswicksheriff.com.


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