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The latest attempt to stall the development of a new cement plant in Castle Hayne failed in Raleigh Tuesday. Despite support from dozens of local residents, the Senate Commerce Committee refused to re-examine a bill for a Titan moratorium. Senator Julia Boseman tried to reintroduce a bill for the moratorium with some revisions, but the Senate committee would not accept the legislation that would have frozen consideration of state permits until September of next year. Senator Boseman called the fight David versus Goliath. “The majority of the people in our district are opposed to it and realize how harmful it could be to the environment and to people’s health and they still choose to ignore it and go with big business and high paid lobbyists. It was really a disgusting site,” said Boseman. Boseman added groups like Coastal Federation will now seek a court injunction to delay the project. Titan was actually lured here. State and local officials offered the company about $4.5 million in incentives to open a cement plant and stone quarry on the Cape Fear River. Titan general manager Bob Odom said Boseman’s bill would have had a negative impact on the area, and that now is the time to "open doors to responsible economic development, not close them."


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