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Last week, a Columbus County house burned down in a suspicious fire. Since then, we’ve been looking into the relationship between the boy who lived there, 17-year-old Allen Strickland and the man who Strickland says paid for the house, Senator R.C. Soles. The two have known each other since Strickland was 14. The 74-year-old Senator befriended Strickland, and served as his attorney, but the two have a rocky relationship. In fact, Soles has a rocky relationship with many of his clients, as proven by dozens of police reports, just in the last year. There are about 20 reports, nearly all of them involving altercations between the Senator and his clients. "This has been sort of an ongoing thing with a lot of clients and ex-clients. I’ve been here for five years, and it’s kind of a steady amount of calls of that nature,” said Capt. Dean Foley of the Tabor City Police Department. While a handful of calls involve the Senator calling in complaints about 17-year-old Allen Strickland. Other young, male clients have been involved in the disputes as well. The nature of the complaints range from trespassing at the senator’s law firm and residence, to larceny, harassment, and even extortion. The Senator’s calls for help come in at all hours of the day and night. They take up a lot of time for the police department, but rarely result in prosecution. "He doesn’t want to press charges the majority of the time,” Foley said. R.C. Soles’ clients say they’re frustrated with the mixed messages they’re getting from him. "I really don’t know how to feel about him being my attorney, and calling the cops on me and having me banned from his office,” said Jackie Jordan, one of Soles’ clients. Strickland added, “He said he’s tired of us being at the office, but he’s our lawyer, so that’s what we don’t understand.” Columbus County residents may remember another situation a few years ago with a client of Senator Soles named B.J. Wright. Wright had dozens of charges against him dropped with Senator Soles’ assistance, but the District Attorney ultimately decided to prosecute him anyway, and he was sent to prison. Wright is scheduled to be released next week. We called D.A. Rex Gore to see if he’s considered intervening again because of the volume of called related to Senator Soles and his clients. He says not at this point. While there are a lot of calls to police involving the Senator, R.C. Soles hasn’t been pressing charges, so at this point, the District Attorney for that area says there’s not a lot he can do.


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  • Guestcitizen

    How many 17 year olds need a lawyer? I’m 41 and have never needed one. All these people are shady.

  • watchyoursix

    Is it always young males that he has “encounters” with? Are there ever any young women that follow him? I don’t think these are so called tough guys, I believe they’ve been misled by RC Soles. Its even more odd that he pretended he couldn’t hear the WWAY interviewers on the phone the other day. This may require the SBI.

  • concerned tabor cty citizen

    I want to thank WWAY for airing this story. Everyone in NC needs to know what kind of Senator they have representing them. He does not have any morals and only cares for himself. He has harmed many young men over the years. He thinks that he is too powerful for anybody to question his actions. I have a few questions: Where is Allen Strickland going to school if the deal is for him to finish high school? Or is Senator Soles home schooling him? How is Allen driving all around TC without a valid driver’s license? It is perfectly clear that someone is guarding him and keeping him out of jail. And the only one in NC with that kind of power is Senator Soles. I think it is time for someone to bring all of these issues out in the open. Oh, one more question: How is BJ getting out of prison so quickly? I think there’s been some dirty work going on there too. Once again, thank you so much for airing this story. Keep up the good work………..I can’t wait for 5:00 to watch your station. All of my friends are watching TV3 too. That’s the topic of our daily discussion around the water cooler…….

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