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We now know a little bit more about Allen Strickland’s finances. He is the 17 year old from Tabor City, who bought a house and a Corvette with money given to him by State Senator RC Soles. Strickland recently posted bail on a half million dollars bond, after being arrested for leading police on a high speed chase in his car. The unemployed teenager would not comment on where he got the money to post that bail, but WWAY found out Wednesday he sold his Corvette on the same day he made bond. The owners of P & C Wrecker, the impound lot where the car is being held, confirm they bought the Corvette from Strickland, but declined to say how much they paid for it.


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  • NC Tax Payer

    He should just run for a government position, He fits right in with all this corruption that thepublic wants to be so blind towards.. Open your eyes people. Where is all this money coming from????

  • Guest135

    What great interaction you have with your viewers! Thank you for standing with us against corruption and not “leaving this alone” as some have suggested. Sweeping such issues as the Soles/Strickland money trail under the rug fans the flames of corruption and oppression. I believe when viewers contribute, important issues are uncovered or illuminated. Most recently, I found it very interesting when one viewer noted that Senator Soles’ cousin is a partner in the company that bought the Vette. What a tangled web. We depend on WWAY to separate fact from hear say. Great job getting out the facts!

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