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The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office has a new addition to its force. Brunswick Air One made its debut appearance Tuesday afternoon at the Brunswick County Government Complex in Bolivia. The four-seat chopper will be used to locate missing people and suspects, search and rescue, drug investigations, and for assessments during evacuations and natural disasters. Operating Brunswick Air One costs $200 an hour, but that money won’t be coming from taxpayers. "The important thing we want to get out to the public, is we were given the helicopter, completely free, and no tax dollars will be used to support this program at all. It will funded solely from drug seizure money,” stated Brunswick County Sheriff John Ingram. Brunswick County law enforcement and emergency services plan to use Brunswick Air One to assist all agencies in Brunswick County and the surrounding counties if they need assistance as well. "We have not had this kind of resource available to us and we have not had this type of partnership in the past, so this is something we’re really looking forward to; it’s something that I think is going to be very beneficial to all the citizens of Brunswick County and to the emergency services office,” said Brunswick County EMS Director Randy Thompson. Sheriff Ingram said he plans to apply for a grant to install an infrared system on the chopper in the near future.


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