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The New Hanover County School Board honored its outstanding educators Monday night. The big winners were New Hanover County’s Teacher and Principal of the Year. Doctor Julie Duclos is principal of Murrayville Elementary. She’s been working as a teacher and principal in the school system for the past 25 years, and Monday night, she was named Principal of the Year. "I was born and raised here, and to recognized in the same community that I was a student of is a special privilege for me,” said Dr. Julie Duclos. Sarah Gould has been teaching kindergarten through second grade at Ogden Elementary for eight years. She won elementary and overall Teacher of the Year. "It certainly gives you kind of a spark of energy to get you going and moving and it just validates the things that you do day in and day out,” Sarah Gould said. "I really believe the best part of my day, are those little magical moments that you just do not anticipate. When you see that light of learning come on in their eyes that you never saw before, when they believe that they could do something that they didn’t think they could do,” Dr. Duclos said. Forty-one teachers and two principals in the county were nominated for Educators of the Year. Neither the principal nor the teacher of the year knows who nominated them, but they’re both very humble and say they appreciate the recognition.


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