Katie McGee’s contract not to be renewed with Brunswick County Schools


Katie McGee’s days as the Brunswick County School superintendent are numbered. The school board decided Tuesday night not to renew her contract come June 30th. They will begin looking for a replacement as soon as possible. School Board Chair Shirley Babson told NewsChannel 3 the decision to find a new superintendent has been a long time coming. Because of privacy laws, Babson would not go into detail about how the school board reached its decision, but she said it was an evolution of events. The most recent controversy in the district involved a grievance and follow-up lawsuit filed by McGee’s former assistant. That grievance also sparked an investigation by the Department of Justice. Babson said it’s important for members of the school board and school system to get along, and remain professional, and that it was just a good time for Dr. McGee to move on. "There’s just too much unrest, there’s just too much division. We need someone to help bring it back together. And help bring the community back together. I’m looking for some peace," Babson said. The board agreed on the decision to terminate McGee except for one board member, Scott Milligan. Milligan supported McGee in August when the board gave her a poor score for her annual review. Dr. McGee could not be reached for comment. WWAY received calls from a few teachers at Lincoln Elementary who told us that they disagree with the board’s decision, and feel McGee has made some great changes within the school system.