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There was a political change Wednesday for Brunswick County Sheriff John Ingram. Sheriff Ingram has switched his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican. The Democratic Party recommended Ingram to be Ron Hewett’s replacement in the spring of 2008. Wednesday, Ingram announced his intent to seek the Republican nomination for sheriff in 2010. In a statement, Ingram said, “Serving as Sheriff includes leading a team of dedicated and outstanding men and women. I am honored to work with this group of fine officers who strive daily for excellence. The Sheriff’s office is not about partisan politics, and some may ask why change parties. As I embark upon this season of Thanksgiving, I have had the opportunity to reflect on my life and the opportunities and blessings bestowed upon me. It is after much reflection and contemplation that I have decided to join the Republican Party. Though my career in law enforcement as a Democrat has brought me to this place in time, it is my humble choice to live free as my conservative principles and discipline desire. It is my hope and belief that all of the citizens of Brunswick County, Democrat, Republicans and Unafilliated voters will consider my service and re-elect me as their Sheriff.”


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  • Skulldrag

    IMHO, I wish politics were not a factor in law enforcement. Winning a vote to become Sheriff should never have to happen. Almost anyone can run for Sheriff, even someone who knows nothing about law enforcement. I am not comfertable with that. I think it should be just like hiring for a position, you find the best person qualified to fill that slot, not who campaigns them selves around kissing babies, shaking hands, and trying to make everyone happy by telling them what they want to hear.

    But unfortunalty it’s not like that. I think some may agree with me, but others will stick to the it’s our constitiutional right to elect a Sheriff. Not trying to rub anyones rhubarb here.

    Ingram has done a fine job for the county and I hope to see him stay around a while, so what if he changed parties. As said before vote for the person not that party.

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