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The State Bureau of Investigation is looking into possible witness tampering in the case against State Senator RC Soles. Sources tell WWAY, two of the people involved in the shooting at the Senator’s house have been spotted following him around Tabor City. A Columbus County grand jury has asked prosecutors to seek an indictment on Soles for assault with a deadly weapon for shooting 22 year old Kyle Blackburn. The shooting happened in August. Over the past few days, Blackburn and his girlfriend Jessica Nealy have been spotted loitering outside of the Senator’s office. Tabor City police found Blackburn and Nealy hiding in the woods near the office on Friday. The couple told police that they wanted to talk to the Senator, and were hiding because they didn’t want the media to see them. The other witness to the shooting, BJ Wright, has been living just across the state line in Loris, South Carolina. Wright doesn’t have a job, but recently built a fence around his property that reportedly cost $8,000. Sources also tell us Wright has been spending a great deal of money on furniture. Soles has given Wright thousands of dollars in the past. Now that there is a criminal investigation, any financial transactions between them would come under more scrutiny.


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