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Shaun Delancey and his two daughters will be ringing in the New Year alone this year. It’s just days after they celebrated Christmas with their mother, Tiffany Dawkins. "It’s hard because when you look at the toys and stuff that she bought, and we had such a great day on Christmas morning and even on Christmas Eve putting all this stuff together," said Shaun Delancey, the father of Dawkin’s children. "Now when I look at all these things, I’m constantly reminded." It was early Sunday morning when Delancey was notified that the mother of his children had been murdered. "My heart dropped and I knew when I got the call that late, that something was wrong." Delaney says its an event that has changed the entire family. "My children are going to be without a mother, her sisters are going be without an older sister," says Delancey. "She was a good daughter and a good grand daughter." Family and friends are left wondering who could do something like this to her. "Tiffany was the type of person that people liked her no matter what and she didn’t have any enemies." Delancey says she had a bright spirit about her and would do anything for her family. "She would light up a room whenever she came in," he said. "She always played with her kids she always. She’d bring a smile to your face." Dawkins two girl’s, Clarice and Caroline, spent the day coloring these pictures to put on Tiffany’s grave. "The girls understand their mommy’s gone. They know, it’s not something I think they’ll ever accept," said Delancey. "I think that’s the biggest tragedy is that the fact she won’t get to see her girls go to school and grow up and do the motherly things mothers do for their children."


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  • jacqulyne

    Dear Tiffany,
    Theres not a day that goes by i do not think of you. I miss you so much girl and you will never be forgotten. I think back on all the time me you brittany and shay hung out and did stuff togther and things will never be the same without you. I wish you were still here with us in person but i know your with us in our hearts. Your family misses you so mush sissy i wish you were here. Dont worry i will look out for momma and the girls, and no one will rest until your murder is solved. You will never know how much momma misses you or us girls or everyone for that matter. To the persons who did this you know who you are and i hope you get yours… You took something beautiful away from all of us and i hope you rot in hell a thousand times. To my sister i must apologize for not being there to stop you from leaving. Im so thankful we all got to be together once again before you died, but i wish i would have stayed and kept you from leaving that night. I love you tiffany always and forever and forever and always…….love your sister for life jacky

  • kim thomas

    this is tiffany real mother i just want to say to everybody think you for your prays and this for everyboby help but there is one thing i want to say is i want someone to help use to get this sulf back from the cops tiffany was my first born and she was the first one i walked to her grave and i want to say is i want to beable to say to her the sulf from the cops is back and maybe my girls and everybody can sleep like a baby i know the poeple want a name and when i get the word you people will be the first to know.i think of tiffany everyday and so do her babys and i to beable to take them to the were thay shoot there mom was shoot and tell them what happen and teel them who and to say thats way we say stay away from that person. by that person that took my first born from me you say the job is not over and you are going to finsh the job that should be enough for the cops to help and get that sulf back. and i hope everyday you look in the mirrow i hope you think of her to baby without there mom and i hope the good lord will take care of you.i will allways love you and you walk with us everyday love your mom

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