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The Cape Fear Skyway was the subject of a public information meeting in Wilmington today. It’s a project that still has many questions to be answered before becoming a reality. One of the big questions seems to be is this billion-dollar bridge really needed?

The purpose of the project is to provide another connection between New Hanover and Brunswick Counties to alleviate traffic, provide access to the port, and serve as an evacuation route. But not everyone’s on board. Leland Town Council and the state Department of Transportation are split on the plan. Leland leaders aren’t sure if a billion-dollar bridge and toll road are the right solution for the area’s growing traffic problem.

Some people at today’s meeting said something has to be done to relieve the congestion. Others say there are more affordable options.

Another part of the debate centers around where to build the I-140 bypass that leads to the Skyway bridge. Earlier this week the Brunswick County Commission supported a more northern route that would stay away from some Leland neighborhoods.

The Skyway would carry I-140 over the Cape Fear River to Independence Boulevard and lighten the load on the other two bridges that cross the river to Wilmington. An alternative plan suggests building a much cheaper bridge next to the Cape Fear Memorial and letting each bridge take traffic in only one direction.


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