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Teachers and staff had to report to Hoggard High School today despite the Presidents Day holiday. They were there with law enforcement officers, to practice what to do in case of an emergency.

More than 100 people simulated situations in which an armed and active shooter enters a school. A New Hanover County Sheriff’s deputy played the role of the bad guy while fellow deputies and Wilmington police used the training they’ve received in the event an armed shooter enters a building.

According to the emergency response team, the simulation is routine and necessary for successful training. Deputies, officers and school faculty spent at least five hours learning how to react when a gunman enters the building and starts shooting.

Dep. Bob Moulton says experience is key in preparing for a situation like this.

“Your heart rates gonna hit 145,” Moulton said. “You’re gonna have auditory exclusion, which means you can’t hear as well as you should, and you’re gonna get tunnel vision. Everything’s gonna be a fine point in the distance and we have to try and train that fear out of the officers.”

Officers want to stress the importance of the simulation. They say it’s all in an effort to ensure the safety of students, teachers and staff within New Hanover County schools in case of an emergency.


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