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Gary Bartlett, executive director of the North Carolina Board of Elections, said Tuesday Will Breazeale cannot run for Congress in North Carolina’s 7th District as an independent candidate or as a write-in candidate – reports the Brunswick Beacon.

On Friday, Breazeale, who lost the GOP primary to Ilario Pantano for the 7th Congressional District, said he planned to consider his options to continue his bid for Congress in November, either as an independent candidate or as a write-in candidate.

Bartlett said state law prohibits Breazeale from running for the same seat during the same election after loosing a primary election.

When contacted Tuesday, Breazeale said he recently learned of the laws that would prohibit him from running again for the same seat, but said he is keeping his political options open.

By Caroline Curran


Letter from Will Breazeale:

Dear Friends,

Allow me to take a moment to say thank you for everything you have done. Not just in 2010, but for the past three years. I am so blessed to have had the support of so many kind and wonderful people during my two runs for Congress. For everyone that has helped along the way, my deepest and heartfelt thanks. Running for office is not easy. I could have never done it without you.

Over the past week there has been a lot of speculation as to my political future. I remain amazed at the innuendo people have been able to invent between their ears. Rumors in politics are like peanut butter and jelly. They just go together. Perhaps it is because our party’s nominee and leadership spends so much time focusing on how to keep others from running and not on their own candidacy, that this seat has not gone Republican in more than 100 years?

Buyers remorse is a tough pill to swallow. I cannot help but think that perhaps many who voted for Ilario Pantano are now realizing their nominee’s claim to fame is the execution of two unarmed Iraqis? In turn, they are already attempting to set up a scapegoat (me) in order to justify his inevitable, massive failure in November.

With that in mind, allow me to set the record straight: I will formally announce my future political intentions on Tuesday, May 18th, at 10 a.m. I will hold a press conference at the New Hanover County Government Center, 230 Government Center Drive in Wilmington. Members of the public and press are invited to attend. I am pleased to announce that I will be joined at that time by my fellow primary opponent, Randy Crow. I look forward to seeing you all then.



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  • Mojoe

    Stay true to being a little girl throwing a tantrum? This is the same obsessive immature personality that Tanya Harding had when she had a goon try to break Nancy Kerrigan’s leg with a pipe because Kerrigan won.
    It disgusts me to hear a sore looser making excuses and explaining plans to sabotage the winner as anything but childish vendetta. He’s just like a democrat. He knows what’s best for us. First he trys to buy votes and now whiny announces he will pair up with Dopey to sell their souls to the democrats to punish us all for not voting for them. WOW, I am truly loosing faith in humanity!

  • Grand Ole Party

    Democrats!!! They never stop being hypocrites. How long did you cupcakes whine when Bush beat Gore??? Hahaha I thought so.

  • Guest445566

    I have heard that Will Brezeale was a Democrat before he was a Republican and has experience in losing quite a few elections. I believe the same is to be said about Randy Crow. Check that out won’t you.

  • Blondebabe

    This is a case of the part-time Lieutenant Colonel not being able to accept the fact that he lost to the formerly full-time 1st Lieutenant.

    McIntyre was likely breezing to another victory anyway but this seals it.

  • LindaInNC

    It seems to me if Will Breazeale was as concerned for NC-7 as he says he is, he wouldn’t be trying to rip the Republican party apart. He should be getting behind Pantano and help him unseat McIntyre. Just as Pantano said he would do for Will in the event he won the Primary.
    This seems more like a personal vendetta against
    Pantano than concern for NC-7 and putting a Republican in office to represent us.

    I’m ashamed that a candidate/now former candidate from my district would act in this manner.

    Pantano is a man of integrity & honor and even with all that was thrown at him during the campaign and even now, he has always risen above the smut and never stooped to that level.

  • Guest Jingoman

    Will, I never regretted voting for Richard Nixon as much as I’m regretting voting for you. What part of “YOU LOST” confuses you?

  • Guest222

    Republicans!!! They never STOP whining!!! Waa Waa..please Will, keep putting statements out about your party..will make McIntyre race so much easier…

  • Guest2323

    I will be there on May 18th. and so will plenty of Pantano supporters.. How dare you bring up the Iraqi trial he was tried and found NOT guilty..

  • Guest111

    I am amazed at the whiny attitude Mr. Breazeale has here. Mr. Pantano was cleared of wrongdoing and the VOTERS CHOSE WHO THEY WANTED. Now Mr. Breazeale is throwing mud like a child who had his candy taken from him. His attitude should show the voters they chose the right candidate in the primary. If he whines over this , what would he be like if he had been elected and not gotten his way on some of the issues? Mr. Breazeale should remember that this was an “election” that reflects the “voters” choice. He is no better than anyone else even though he seems to think he had some “right” to the seat.

  • lsi

    what a sore loser … go away!

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