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The following is a statement issued today by Pantano Campaign Manager Andy Yates regarding Breazeale Endorsement of Congressman McIntyre:

“The Pantano campaign is continuing to pick up momentum and creating excitement across the 7th District. The debate last Friday clearly established a contrast between a politician grounded in the last century philosophy of delivering the pork and a leader willing to make hard decisions to restore our economy and save our nation from bankruptcy.”

“We are disappointed at the levels that our opponents would be willing to stoop to slander our good name, but given the importance of this election we are not surprised. We have not sought nor would we want the endorsement of our opponents and we wish Mr. Breazeale and Mr. McIntyre all the best in their future endeavors.”

“The issues and challenges are too great to be side-tracked by a failed candidate who was soundly rejected in two straight elections. Congressman McIntyre may welcome Mr. Breazeale’s endorsement, but he needs to check Breazeale’s criminal record before he gets too excited. The endorsement of someone who will abuse their spouse and fail to pay child support and who is now being sued by his own campaign staff is not an endorsement to trumpet. Congressman McIntyre has enough trouble being a partner Speaker Pelosi in Washington; he doesn’t need a spouse abuser as a partner in North Carolina. Mr. Breazeale needs to get his own house in order before he starts telling others how to vote.”

Andy Yates
Campaign Manager
Pantano for Congress


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