Candidate profile: 9th District Senate candidate Thom Goolsby


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Tonight we continue our candidate profiles on the two men running for the 9th District state Senate seat vying to replace Julia Boseman, who is stepping down.

Republican Thom Goolsby is one of the better known attorneys in town. The 14-year resident of Wilmington says he could not stand on the sideline anymore, as the politicians in Raleigh continue to put North Carolina in a bad spot.

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“I think now is the time for good folks all over the country to stand up for what they believe in to save our nation and our states before they go down as bankrupt entities,” Goolsby said.

Goolsby says he’s prepared to take a spot in Raleigh. The candidate says the key issue he wants to address involves lower spending and lower taxes.

“The top three issues are jobs, jobs and jobs,” Goolsby said. “And the way we’re going to get north carolina back to work is to get the state off people’s backs. Lower state spending, lowering state taxes and doing everything we can to encourage small business and large business to get people back to work.”

Goolsby has lived in Wilmington for nearly two decades. He’s a Citadel graduate who later served as an officer in the Marine Corps. Besides practicing law, Goolsby loves to surf in his free time and spend as much time with his family.

“I got a wonderful wife, three wonderful children, a son who is 17, a daughter one and a daughter three, and they’re all the lights of my life,” Goolsby said.

Goolsby says his children are a big reason he wants to be a senator, wanting to fix what’s wrong with the state.

“In North Carolina we have to start prioritizing,” he said. “We need to look seriously at those things that are not necessary state functions, and either privatize them or get the out of the way or get them off the state budget. We’ve got important concerns in our state like funding our court system, funding adequate education. All the kinds of things we need to do that are state jobs that we expect the state to do.”

Goolsby says he’s looking forward to the last weeks of the campaign against former UNCW chancellor Jim Leutze.

Remember, early voting starts Thursday and continues through October 30. Election Day is November 2.

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