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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Election Day is two weeks away, but many voters did not wait that long. Some have already voted early, and some of those people say they had problems at the polls.

We’ve seen problems in elections before, but now it’s reaching a boiling point with some voters. Some New Hanover County voters have complained about voting machines not registering their votes correctly. One voter, who did not want to go on camera, told us he raised his hand for help, but it never came.

New Hanover County Elections Director Bonnie Williams says everything is under control. She would not talk with us on camera, but she said the media are “beating a dead horse.” She pins the blame on the media coverage of voting problems for why people are thinking negatively.

“I thought the media just reported what they see,” voter Charles Washington said. “I mean, they don’t control the polls do they?”

Some voters are concerned about this issue because they feel like the integrity of the election is at risk.

“Quite certainly, yeah, I would be concerned, because I just want my voice to be heard as to who I wanted to elect and people who I think are going to do a good job,” Washington said.

The last thing a candidate wants on election night is to lose a race over an issue like this.

“Certainly if it’s determined that there is a problem, I would be concerned about the integrity of the election,” said Robin Wicks Robinson, who is running for district court judge in New Hanover County. “It’s my understanding after having spoken to the Board of Elections officials that it appeared to be voter error, and they have double checked all of the machines.”

Both candidates and voters hope that this is an issue that can just be put to bed. Williams told us last week there were some calibration issues with the touch-screen machines. She said those problems were quickly fixed.

It looks like some candidates may be spreading the concern. Republican Congressional candidate Ilario Pantano sent a message to supporters yesterday claiming a glitch caused machines to count votes cast for him for incumbent Mike McIntyre instead.


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