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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The battle between Congressman Mike McIntyre and Ilario Pantano is nothing less than red hot. Democrat McIntyre has served seven straight terms, but Pantano says it’s time for a real change and he promises to be an Obama buster. Pantano says that since McIntyre took office 14 years ago Southeastern North Carolina has not improved in any way, shape or form.

Pantano is ready for a change.

“When our children and grandchildren are facing a debt twice what it was when he took office, when unemployment here in the 7th District is almost 50,000 people think about your friends and neighbors that don’t have jobs,” said Pantano.

Aside from the high unemployment numbers, Pantano says that Congressman McIntyre had an opportunity in 1998 to put a lock on the lockbox for the Social Security Trust Fund. McIntyre voted against it.

Pantano says that’s a clear sign not to vote for McIntyre.

“The Congress was very interested in raiding that trust fun to spend, to write big checks, to bring back pork and buy votes,” said Pantano. “Instead of protecting Social Security and protecting our seniors, the Congress and my opponent have been more interested in buying votes with that money.”

Pantano says the Social Security system is broken and the Obama health care plan needs work. He says the first step in fixing up our state and country is getting McIntyre out of office. Pantano says the early voting numbers show people are finally ready for a new face in Washington.

“I’ve got the endorsements of the voters and I got to tell you the early voting is really showing that this is a record,” said Pantano. “We’re breaking records and we’re leading the state. It’s not about us. It’s about the men and women that are so energized and want a conservative representative and they’re going to make sure their voices are heard this time.”


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  • Guest

    Pantano had the Iraqis’ handcuffs taken off, told the guy with him to turn around, then pumped the Iraqis full of lead in the back. I don’t like Mike, but I’m going to hold my nose and vote for him so we’re not represented by a nutcase. This man is crazy and we do not need him. By the way ask Pantano about his name?

  • Guest

    Why is a New Yorker having to run for office in Southeastern North Carolina. Are we that crazy to Elect him. Come on people!!!!!!!!! Vote for Mike. Dont let the North take over the South. Dont let a yankee talk for us. Ask Pantano where his money has come from to run for this office? Some might have come from the south but most of it come from the north. And not North Carolina north as in New York.

  • Guest9901

    Pantano isnt perfect- nor are republcians-but the alternative this year is worse- reward dem incompetence and arroagnce -or take a chance with republcians- Pantano is consistent and has apasion on issues- he would be a better choice than McIntyre

  • Guest 2010

    In my town we use a grant writing firm to get grants for various projects and needs. The company that writes the grants sends the paperwork to the appropriate government agency for approval. McIntyre has these agencies notify him when a grant is approved. The money is transferred via direct deposit to the town’s bank account.

    McIntyre makes haste to have a cardboard check made so that he can have his photo taken as if he were responsible for getting the grant approved. In fact, he never knows whether a grant is approved until it goes through the matrix of rules and regulations required before the grant can be approved. He can’t stretch the rules. No one can legally stretch or break the rules that govern grants.

    I am getting tired of seeing politicians holding a cardboard check in front of the cameras, when in fact, they had no way to pressure the agency responsible for the grant to violate the codes to obtain the money.

    Private companies and professioanl grant writers do the proper paperwork, not the congressman. He can’t make it happen if the grant is written wrong or outside the law. Yet, he will take the credit for it when in fact, there is absolutely nothing a congressman can do to require a government agency to approve a grant.

    I do not care for misleading or distorted publicity by politicians. Mike is not a grant writer. He has more important things on his agenda. He does have the connections to be informed when a grant is approved. Thus, he takes the credit. He can’t deliver the goods himself. The grant writer and the approving agency have very strict rules that not even a congressman can violate.

    Credit should be given where credit is due. To pose with a large cardboard check is misleading. It is good publicity, though, and most politicians grab every straw that they can reach for to remain in public view. Truth is a rare and often missing commodity among public office seekers.

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