VOTE 2010: ALIPAC rebukes McIntyre, reverses endorsement



    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) is reversing two endorsements in highly contested congressional districts today, to rebuke the national Democratic leadership for promising Amnesty to illegal immigrants, deploying illegal aliens as election workers, and enticing illegals to vote in the 2010 elections.

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    ALIPAC is rescinding their endorsement of Congressman Mike McIntyre (D-NC-7), originally made in 2008, and transferring that endorsement to Ilario Pantano the Republican challenger who has promised to stand up for the enforcement of America’s existing border and immigration laws, instead of any form of Amnesty for illegal
    immigrants. ALIPAC feels Pantano will be more aggressive about securing America’s borders.

    ALIPAC is also transferring their endorsement of Democratic Congressman Jim Marshall (D-GA-8) to Republican challenger Austin Scott. Scott voted as a state legislator to pass some of the first strong state laws against illegal immigration in Georgia before the new Arizona law took center stage. Congressman Marshall voted against defunding sanctuary cities. Many Americans have lost their lives due to sanctuary city policies!

    “We believe that our endorsements are better aligned with Ilario Pantano and Austin Scott against these incumbents who have refused to take action against cities that harbor illegal aliens,” said William Gheen President of ALIPAC. “We also want to strongly rebuke the Democratic leadership this year because Obama, Pelosi, and Reid are actively promising Amnesty to illegal aliens, while some Democratic campaigns are deploying illegals as election canvassers!”

    USA Today and the Associated Press reported on October 25 that Obama is blaming Republicans for stopping his Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty plans. He is also asking Hispanic voters to “punish our enemies.” Other Democratic leadership organizations are accusing candidates, voters, and groups of being racist because they oppose Amnesty and illegal immigration.

    Senator Harry Reid recently attempted to ramrod the Dream Act Amnesty through the Senate by attaching it inappropriately to the defense spending bill. The move was rejected by voters and senators alike. The media is also reporting that some Democratic candidates, like US Sen. Patty Murray are actually employing and deploying illegal aliens into Hispanic neighborhoods to round up voters!

    “By appealing to illegal aliens for political support, vowing to pass an Amnesty to make them legal voters, using defamatory rhetoric to motivate Hispanic voters, and deploying illegal aliens into the election cycle we believe the Democratic leadership is escalating the chances of massive voter fraud on Election Day,” said William Gheen. “Obama, Reid, and Pelosi have made it clear they want to displace millions of American voters by making illegal aliens their new voting block. We hope that voters across America will reject these plans by supporting candidates like Ilario Pantano and Austin Scott.”

    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is a national organization comprised of citizens of every race, party, and walk of life who represent the 80% of Americans who oppose illegal immigration and Amnesty as evidenced in most recent polls. Founded on 9/11/2004, ALIPAC has quickly grown to become the third largest national
    organization addressing these issues. The group has endorsed 205 federal candidates in 2010 who most closely represent the views of the vast majority of Americans opposing the Obama, Reid, and Pelosi plan to make millions of illegal aliens a new Democratic voting block.

    ALIPAC is also adding the Pantano and Scott campaigns to their targeted campaign list of 18 races where ALIPAC supporters should concentrate their support.

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