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WILMINGTON, NC(WWAY)– Rather than getting felt up at the airport, many travelers are choosing to fill up at the gas station. AAA says less than four percent of people are flying this year with an astounding 94 percent of people are driving. The main reason? Convenience.

Holiday traveler Greg Cook says “I’d rather drive just cause its less of a hassle and it’s a lot easier on me because I’ve flown before, and checking bags, making sure your bags get there and hoping that everything’s still in them. It’s just less of a hassle when you keep everything with you in the car.”

Most travelers on their way out of Wilmington were not leaving the state so they say it doesn’t make any sense to fly. They still have concerns for their trip. The most common of these concerns…”Traffic. Traffic I’m a little worried about. I have to take 40 all the way so I don’t know if it’s gonna be crowded or what,” says a traveler.

AAA estimates that 42 million people will be on the move this Thanksgiving holiday, so roads are sure to be busy. Many travelers are also seeing more police officers on the roads. “Cops are out of course during the holiday so I’m really not looking forward to driving in the traffic but what can you do?” says another holiday traveler.

More people are traveling this year – says AAA – because they feel more confident about the economy and are spending more on travel. Although gas prices are high, many say that won’t keep them from driving. “They are really high. They’re not as high as last year I don’t think so it’s a little bit easier but it’s still expensive to go to Raleigh and back,” says a traveler. Traveler Matthew Hemingway says, “You know, I try not to even pay attention to gas prices anymore I’m not really worried about it.”

No matter how you’re getting to grandma’s this Thanksgiving, travelers are saying it’s important to take your time and take extra precautions to be safe.


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