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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Ethics is hopefully the heart of public service. The state now requires counties to implement a code of ethics and Brunswick County voted on their code Monday night.

Brunswick county commissioners are not seeing eye to eye on the code of ethics.

The board voted four to one to adopt a code of ethics that was drafted with help from the UNC School of Government. Brunswick County County Commissioner Charles Warren does not agree with the code because it requires all commissioners to resign their positions on other county boards. Warren thinks the other commissioners favor the code because of a recent decision to change per diem re-imbursements for commissioners to attend other county meetings.

“If 99 other counties does not use this why does Brunswick County have to use this?” asked Warren. “I guess we are so perfect now, ya know. That we must do everything above the board.”

“I don’t see any problem at all because I’m going to tell you the question is we were elected to be Brunswick County Commissioners and when you get too far into the individual departments a lot of times you can’t see the forest through the trees,” said chairman Bill Sue.

The code was written around the principle commissioners were elected by the people to serve the people.

The county tried to create a code of ethics back in 2005 but failed. At the December 6th meeting, the board also adopted a code of conduct that also requires the commissioners to resign from their other county positions. According to the county attorney, Commissioner Warren has yet to resign from his positions.


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