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The Exclusive Interview to Air During a Special Edition of 20/20 with Diane Sawyer “The Congresswoman and the Astronaut: An American Story of Love and Strength” TONIGHT at 10.

In his first interview since the tragic shootings at the Safeway in Tucson, Mark Kelly sits down one-on-one with Diane Sawyer. Sawyer brings an intimate portrait of a modern American love story, a great national tragedy, and the strength to heal. Their emotional conversation took place one-week after the tragic shooting.

She is the political centrist who likes to ride motorcycles. He is the NASA astronaut set to command the space shuttle Endeavour’s final mission to space this April. The two met in China and their first date was not a typical one – a trip to an Arizona State Prison; she was working on legislation about capital punishment. Now, their relationship has captured the hearts of America. For the first time, Capt. Mark Kelly opens up to Diane Sawyer about the moment he heard the tragic news, the emotional bed-side vigil he has kept since, and how the nation’s outpouring of support has impacted them. In addition, Sawyer gets insight into the dynamics of the couple from friends and loved ones who know them best.

GMA aired text excerpts from the interview Monday morning. The link to the ABCNews.com interview story (which includes text excerpts) is here:

The video of the GMA piece that aired Monday is here (this piece includes just the text excerpts):


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