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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Drivers who don’t have car insurance may have their car impounded if a New Hanover County Commissioner has his way.

Jason Thompson said he plans to ask state lawmakers to give New Hanover County the authority to impound cars without insurance. He also proposes higher fees for drivers without proof of auto insurance, current license plates or registration.

Though this plan still needs to be discussed in more detail, fellow commissioner Rick Catlin says it could be a good idea.

“If it can be done properly, where people who are truly guilty are the ones that suffer, then it would be a strong inducement to get those people off the road,” Catlin said.

Because the state has control over motor vehicles, the county needs approval from the legislature. Thompson says he plans to address his proposal later this week in Raleigh.


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  • SurfCityTom

    check the facts. Approximately 20% of all motor vehicles in NC are in fact uninsured at any given moment.

    Approximately 40% of all motor vehicle accidents, which involve injury or serious property damage, are caused by uninsured illegal immigrant dirvers.

    It would certainly make sense to immediately deport any illegal immigrant driver who is uninsured and causes an accident in which others are injured or their property is damaged.

    Think back. It was just a few months ago that an uninsured illegal immigrant driver sustained his 5th or 6th DWI incident when he ran into the Dairy Queen in Wilmington while patrons were in line.

    Belive it or not, I don’t make this stuff up. But I do read; I do research; and I do have fact behind my posts.

  • Guest600

    Simple, make the fees and fines big enough to make it cost effective. Severe consequences usually make people think twice.

  • Guest228

    No, he is not, so this law makes no sense..the NC insurance commission isnt going to look at NH county statistics and say, hey lets make this optional for drivers..impounding vehicles is a waste of law enforcement time..sitting there waiting on a wrecker while they could be on actual law breaking calls is again another waste of taxpayers monies..when is Jason’s term up? To impound someone’s vehicle because their tags expired is stupid..People dont have time to stand all day in the DMV line to get a sticker and so yes, its pushed to the back of the burner..hey Jason, why not solve the wait issues at NH County DMVs..hmmm..there’s a start..I mean really, get this dude out of office..How about solve the current budget crisis before thinking of new schemes to try to win back conservative voters..I hope the NC legislative laughs in his damn face..moron!

  • Guestiguess

    I agree. It’s unfortunate in politics that most people choose a side and that’s where all thoughts end. I never for a second would think that anyone would be here taking the side of individuals that drive uninsured vehicles. I guess once some have made up their mind to dislike a person, no matter what they propose they will always see it as wrong.

    SurfCityTom – is the only opposing opinion (minus his rant about immigrants) I have read here that may be a good argument against the stricter law. Impounding the vehicles would have to be cost effective for it to make sense.

  • Guest421

    I am not a fan of Jason Thompson, but maybe he has something here. If you drive a motor vehicle, you are supposed to have insurance…period. Why should others have to pay for uninsured motorists insurance to protect themselves against those who willfully break the law by not having insurance? First of all, liability insurance should be tied in with a drivers’ license instead of the license plates. If you have a license, you must have insurance. Let the insurance lapse and lose your license, simple as that. I guess all the cry babies who posted that don’t like the idea probably don’t have any insurance. Let the cops set up road blocks like they do when checking for DWIs, checking for insurance. If you don’t have insurance in force, start walking home since your car will be impounded.

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